Artists near Water

Claudia Weber

The artist from Winterthur (CH) created several works during "Artists near Water Vättis 2017". In the former village shop she realised an Installation for the duration of the project "Gestell t" (analogous: "Shelve d") exclusively with materials found in the shop. Making chaos where order was before, she created new perspectives in a geometrical space. As a counterpoint, in the gravel field of the Gorbsbach (brook) she erected an 8x8x2m steel frame painted yellow "Durchblick" (vista) that imposed order, in the form of a coordinate system, onto the natural landscape.

"Louis", a previously made wooden sculpture, accompanied her visit and casually followed what happened at a village fountain. Three other small wooden sculptures were shown in the museum.

Claudia Weber

Claudia Weber (2017)


Weitere Fotos (July 23rd-29th, August 4th-6th)