Artists near water Vättis 2017

August 2017, fifteen international and swiss artists interpreted the theme "water" in the mountain village in very different ways. More about the project also in the final report (german). Below you will find a short description and photos for each participant. The artists were invited to consider the thema water in Vättis. The association supported them with meals, lodging, materials and advice. During this time, a special website and the village museum informed visitors about current happenings and gave background information. Also, visitors could see the artists at work at their respective workplaces.

At six special events, some of the artists and their work were introduced in more detail.

Remaining artworks

Please see news for those works that can still be visited around Vättis. The list below gives links to detailed information about the project, the participating artists and their work.

Photos of the special events, the infopoint etc. you find here.

Participating artists (alphabeticaly)

NameCountryContributionWhere Artists website
Böhmer, Markus Switzerland Relief in stone Gorbsbach near village spring
Dobriban, Emil Romania Land art Gorbsbach near village spring
McFarlane, Roger Australia Fountainsculpture Wasen
Federl, Tanja Germany Prints & installation Museum & near the Kulturbrücke
Gebhard, Peter Germany Drift wood sculpture Workplace Kiesgrube
Herz, Diana Belgium Mixed techniques Museum & Gorbsbach
John, Rebekka Germany Water stories Museum
Kniebs, Sylvia Switzerland Audioinstallation Breitägerten -
Kookabuura Switzerland Text Museum -
Mann, Georg Gemany Aquagraphics Museum & around Vättis
Noé, Lisi Switzerland Willow weavings Breitägerten -
Pfrommer, Renate Germany Aquarell & Collage Museum & around Vättis
Sens, Martina Austria Haikus Saw mill & west bank Gorbsbach
Weber, Claudia Switzerland Installations Village & Gorbsbach
Wenderoth, Christina Diana Germany Land art Forest near gravel containment Chrüzbach

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