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Here you find all the current artworks that can be visited:

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Artists near water Vättis 2017

From this project the following artworks can still be visited:

Markus Böhmer with a stone relief under water
South from the village, this artwork is only visible when the water of the Görbsbach (brook) is clear. It is exposed to strong erosion.
Roger McFarlane with a fountain sculpture
Meant as hidden art, the bronze- and stone sculpture can be found in the village in Wasen, near the Kulturbrücke.
Sylvia Kniebs and Lisi Noé with a audio installation and land art
Near the sport field Cholhüttenau north from the village besides the Tamina (river).
Kookabuura with a text
"Wasserwege im Calfeisen- & Taminatal" (about the waterways in the valley) is a text to the landscape model in the Drachenlochmuseum (village museum). It can only be visited with a guide at a prearranged time.
Martina Sens with the 5 haiku path ("Weg der 5 Haikus")
The poems on aluminium plates can be found from the old saw mill south of the village to Wiesli, along the Görbsbach next to the 1,5km long unpaved forest road
Christina Diana Wenderoth with land art
North of the villages in the forest near the Kiesfang Chrüzbachtobel (gravel catchment at the waterfall).

Monika Glasl with Land-Art

The bavarian artist created an installation in the forest near the cable car station in june 2011. "Chaos und die ewige Suche nach dem Sinn" (Chaos and the eternal search for meaning) what at first seems a random collection of white blobs on the trees, from the right viewpoint they cristalize into a shape.

Stone Sculpture Path

Under For Visitors -> Sculpture path you find details about the 500m long path with twelve stone sculptures. You may book a guided tour if you want to know more about the sculptures.

Bartgeiers Z'nüni (Breakfast of the bearded vulture)

The work of the sculptor Gyelt Tuinstra consists of a four-part wood sculpture and a fairy tale. It was created in honour of the reintroduction of bearded vultures in Vättis.


The book "Vättner Skulpturenweg" (Sculpturepath Vättis) was published end of novembre 2010. It is available in our (german) internet shop or you can use our contact information to declare your interest. For more information about the book, please see our german flyer.

Other projects

Here you find information about all the projects of the association since 2009.