Advertisment 2011:
"An invitation from the Stone Sculpture Path Vättis"

("Vättner Steinskulpturenweg lädt ein")

In 2011, the Association would like to offer two artists the opportunity to live and work in our small Swiss mountain village, surrounded by spectacular alpine scenery. Have you been dreaming of leaving your busy day-to-day routine behind ? Of being able to concentrate on a specific art project without distractions? Or do you have a specific project in mind? One that could or should be realized only in the mountains and the great outdoors? Or? ......Well, you tell us!

The association wishes the landscape of Vättis and perhaps the existing Stone Sculpture Path at Aslätscha to be the inspiration and/or stage for the work of art you will create. Along with artists from the traditional disciplines like drawing, painting, photography and sculpting, other projects such as land-art or installations are also welcome. So are writers and composers. All interested artists are invited to submit an application. There are no specifications as to the materials used, the exact location of the art or the date of your stay. The only requirement is that the art can, in one way or another be appreciated for a significant time after your residency, or that it will have some lasting effekt on/for Vättis and the existing Stone Sculpture Path.

In addition, your stay in the village should act as a medium for art itself. Perhaps in the form of an opening and closing event, or maybe in the shape of public working demonstration, an exhibition or some other public occasions. Your application should contain not only a plan for the work of art and the public occasions, but also a plan for some creative interaction with groups of pupils from the village school (there are 43 pupils in all, ranging in age from 4 to 13 years).

For more details about our offer, click on the menu on the left of this page, where you will learn more about what we would expect of you, and also about the village facilities and infrastructure. At this time, we are still looking for sponsors and we are still not 100% sure that we can bring the project to fruition. However, we will keep this website up to date, and applications will be accepted until the end of September 2010. A selection committee will then make a final selection and all applicants will be informed of their descision by the end of November at the latest.